The Society for German-American Studies held its 42nd Annual Symposium in Indianapolis, Indiana, 19–21 April 2018. The theme of the program was: “World War I and Its Repercussions for German America: A Centennial Assessment.” Thank you to everyone who made it a successful gathering.


Annual Meeting and Symposium

The SGAS's 2019 Symposium will take place  in Madison, WI. See below for further information and check back in the future for a submission date for abstracts.

Topic: German in America: Words, Sounds, and Images

Description: A thematic focus of the Symposium will be on the diverse expressions of German culture in America, past and present. We invite presentations on topics related to this country's German backgrounds in texts, music, and visual culture, as well in education, religion, politics, journalism, commerce, and other areas. Presentations that focus on more specifically linguistic topics--structural and sociolinguistic aspects of heritage varieties of German in America, for example--are also welcome.


SGAS Outstanding Achievement Award

The Society for German-American Studies has established an award which is given each year to an individual who has distinguished him- or herself in the field of German-American Studies. Honorees are celebrated each year at the Annual Meeting and Symposium.

The membership of the Society for German-American Studies is invited to nominate individuals of merit. Nominations should be directed to the chair of the Nominations Committee no later than September of the year prior to the one for which the individual is nominated. The Nominations Committee will forward all nominations to the president for review at the fall meeting of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will select the awardee.

Achievement in the context of the award is broadly defined. The honoree may have published significant research in the field, may have served the Society and the field of German-American Studies in an outstanding fashion, or may otherwise have made an outstanding contribution to the field.

Awardees will be encouraged to attend the annual symposium to receive the award. All awardees will be awarded a Life Membership in the Society for German-American Studies. The Society will cover the housing and registration expenses of those who participate in the annual symposium.

Nominations for the Outstanding Achievement Award should be forwarded to the chair of the Nominations Committee no later than September 1 of a given year for consideration for the following year. All nominations should include a letter which specifies the reasons why the nominator feels the award is justified as well as a short précis of the nominee’s accomplishments.

The current chair of the Nominations Committee is William H. Roba